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Jul 29, 2013 7:00pm EDT
middle class. no good for our national defense. we ought to be having a debate about the kinds of medium and long term reforms to entitlements and tax program, but we ought not to be calling about holding the country hostage to a fights over extending the debt limit. >> here now brad sherman democrat from california and steve so h steve solice republican. get rid of the see questions terks raise taxes and spend more money. i'm here to tell you it's not going to happen. >> well, i don't think a lot of things being talked at by either party are likely to happen. you won't see a defunding of obamacare. you're unlikely to see the republicans agree to any revenue nths.ases in the next few what i hope we don't see is a default on the debt and those people who are talking about deliberately defaulting on the american debt are in the words of mccain giving us shenanigans that the american people have gotten tired up. >> steve, are you in the camp that basically condition want to fund any part of obamacare and would risk a government shutdown or some kind of default on the debt, are you in that c
Jul 30, 2013 7:00pm EDT
with the prosecution and defense having their final say in the fcc's case against the former golden vice president today. the s.e.c., which accused tourre to follow the documents. they hammered away at the 43-year-old's credibility by highlighting e-mails to and from tourre as far as marketing materials he put together. the s.e.c. maintaining this to be critical information, tourre did not tell investors. he made a billion on the bet, while the other investors lost a billion. now tourre's team countering in its close listened to the testimony. they hammered away at the credibility of the s.e.c.'s witnesses by poining out inconsistencies in their depositions and testimonies on the stand. tourre's lawyer telling the jury the french native is in court because he refused to yield to an overbearing government agency that overreached, ruined his career, and invaded his personal life by using e-mails sent to his girlfriend to bolster its case. jury deliberations begin tomorrow. both sides have a great deal riding on the income. tourre, who is now a doctoral in economics, could be banned from the securiti
Jul 24, 2013 7:00pm EDT
trend, and people talk about defense of cyclicals, we talk about domestics as a feature. >> i want to raise another point. a note today was put out, ridesing long-term interest rates and a steepening yield curve is bullish for markets. people are saying it will crush the recover. he is saying take a look at the history, rising rates are a good signal. >> i generally agree if it a good signal when you are talking about an economy that is gaining traction. we can look through it, through credit conditions, we can look at it in terms of hiring intentions, across the board. i will buy into that, that we will get the earnings. the question that we focused on was the evaluation component of it. will the higher rates hurt the pes in the market. >> we are at 15 times earnings. and if you use a treasury or a b-double b-double-a, you feel it's hurting the recovery. >> bull or bear? >> longer term bull right now, we are in a correction mode. >> you are a bear right now, how bearish are you? >> i have not shorted the market, so that tells you once i decide to short the market, then i'm fully b
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3